Tricks to Have a Healthy Meal

Tricks to Have a Healthy Meal:

Think ahead what you want to eat for the next meal and prepare ahead.

  • Prepare all the ingredients ahead of time: wash and cut all the veggies and fruits and prepare all other ingredients ahead of time. For breakfast, prepare them the night before.
  • Try to add fruits to your plate every single meal, so you would always eat it before you get too full.

For today’s breakfast, these are the ingredients you can prepare ahead of time:

  • Veggies: for one person, cut one mushroom, 1 yellow pepper and 1 red pepper and 2 small cherry tomatoes up. Try to vary some ingredients every day if possible.
  • Fruit: prepare whatever fruits you have in the fridge. Wash them and cut them up. For this meal, I prepared blue berries and one orange. You can also prepare this the night before for weekday breakfast. So you can just take them out and add them to your plate.
  • Pancake mix: Prepare the mixture ahead of time the night before for weekday breakfast.

Procedure for this breakfast:

  • I use a large skillet, oil the pan and put a bit of butter.
  • When the pan is hot, put in the pancake batter mixture in.
  • You can cook veggies on one side of the pan, if you have room on the skillet.
  • Flip the pancake when is cooked on one side.
  • Once veggies looks cooked, take it out.
  • Add a bit oil for cooking eggs. I put two eggs for one person. Flip the eggs once it is cooked on one side, or you can just scramble the eggs.
  • Once the eggs are cooked, add shredded cheese and then add the cooked veggies on top.
  • Meanwhile pancake continues to cook on the other side and you can take it out of the skillet once both sides are cooked to a golden brown.

I cooked this meal for Sunday today, so I just prepared everything today, but for weekday, if I want to eat this healthy, I will definitely have to prepare ingredients the night before.

The main tricks for eating healthy meals everyday is to prepare ahead and always add veggies and fruits to your meal. Don’t plan to eat fruits after meals, because more likely you would be too full to eat them if they are not on the breakfast/lunch/dinner plate.

Isn’t that so much better for your health than skipping the breakfast or just hastily eating a bagel for breakfast?

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