Vegetarian dish: Eggplants, green veggies, and Cashew nuts over Cooked Rice

Hmmm, I am savoring the delicious aftertaste in my mouth. It is sooo delicious, incredibly simple, and healthy! Got to share with you!

The Eggplants dish:


  1. Chopped garlics (the amount depending on the size of the egg plant. For a small one just have 3 to four medium sized gloves)
  2. Sliced egg plants
  3. Cooking oil
  4. Seasonings: salt, pepper, chili paste or pepper, a little bit of soy sauce

A drizzle of sesame oil (optional)


1. Add oil into a pan over medium high

2. After the oil is heated, add chopped garlic. Stir fried a little bit. Avoid burning garlic pieces.

3. Add egg plant slices, stir fried a little bit and then moist the egg plants with some water and a little bit of soy sauce and cook until the slices get soggy. (Yes, you want slices to get slightly soaked with water.)

3. Then add the seasonings and a little bit of sesame oil.

The Green vegetable dish:


  • Spinach, collard green or kale, washed and cut into sections.
  • Chopped garlic (about three to four medium-sized garlic gloves)
  • Cooking oil
  • Seasonings: salt and pepper (always try to go light on salt; it is good to eat a low-sodium diet. You will get used to it.)


1. Add oil into pan over medium high

2. After oil is heated, add chopped garlic. Stir fried a little bit.

3. Stir fried fresh green veggies such as spinach, collard green or kale and cook it until it is fresh green color. If the color turns dark green, you have overcooked it.

4. Add salt and pepper

Serve these two dishes over cooked rice and add cashews on top. I kept adding cashews to my bowl as it ran out. So tasty with the meal! It tastes no more than 15-20 min for me to cook these two dishes.

Serve the meal with a nice healthy drink like lemon water with honey.

Cooked Rice:

Tip: Use a rice steamer to cook a pot of rice enough for three days, so you can easily come up with another stir-fry meals the next day. Or you can use the leftover rice to cook fried rice. You can literally stir fry any food with cooking oil, garlic and add salt and pepper in the end. And the food itself will provide different texture and taste to the dish. If you run out of ideas about cooking, just stir fry–the easiest way to come up with a tasty meal. With a ready-made rice, it would be easy to come up with a meal. Just add the stir fried food and eat with cooked rice.

I ate the above dish for today’s brunch. For dinner, I have just quickly come up with a simple meal to go with the cooked rice: I cooked two eggs on the pan with oil and ate it with another vegetable dish and added a bit of salted peanuts with rice. Very simple. I easily took care of two meals today.

All Chinese that I know have a rice cooker at home. It is the easiest way to cook rice. It is really worth the money to save the hassle of cooking rice over the stove. You can just wash the rice in the rice cooker’s pot and let it steam. Cook/ steam it and forget about it. And you don’t ever have to worry that it will be burned as on the stove top if you are not watchful. Let it sit there a bit longer after the rice is cooked. (Don’t serve it right after it is cooked. It tastes better after you let it sit for more than 15 min. and it can be kept warm for 2 hours, but do unplug it and put away the rice after you eat.)

It is super easy to clean a rice cooker because it will always cook just perfectly with a well functioning rice cooker and the pot is non-stick. I highly recommend Aroma Rice Cooker or go to a Chinese store to buy a rice cooker.

You can easily find a hardly used rice cooker in a second-hand store such as Good Will Store or Savers at a bargain price! Look for brands such as Aroma  or Black + Decker.  I bought a brand new Balck + Decker for less than 10 dollars!  Someone donated it before even trying it out!  With rice and stir-fry, you won’t run out of ideas to come up with a healthy meal!





You can buy a small one for a small family of 2.

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