Mediterranean Diet

I am sure you all heard of the Mediterranean diet. If your diet consists mainly fresh produce (vegetables and fruits), nuts, beans, legumes and fish, and unsaturated oil such as olive oil, and cut down drastically on processed food, red meats, other meat products, and dairy products as well as sugar, you are having a Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet also recommends moderate consumption of red wine (one glass for woman and two glasses for men daily). It has been touted as the best diet overall.

We will have less chronic illnesses, lower rates of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, and cancers, if we are more conscious of what we eat and adopt a healthier eating habits and life style.

Read the following articles and take a serious look at what we are eating daily and what need to change to optimize our health through good diets and exercises.

The quality of our life rests greatly on our health. Don’t wait until we lose our health to consider behavioral changes that can make a big difference in our wellbeing. As the old saying suggests, prevention is so much more important than cure.

We spend so much money in health care focusing on treating illnesses, but individually we can proactively do so much to prevent and even treat chronic illnesses.

By being keenly conscious of what we put into our mouth and noting the importance of how what we eat affects our health, we will eat more food that nourishes our body rather than undermining our health.

If your diet does not consist of a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, beans and fish (twice a week), and unsaturated fat, but consume a lot of processed food, meats, dairy products, and saturated fat, try out this Mediterranean diet. Make sure to couple this dietary change with an active life style.

Hope all of you stay healthy and strong!

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