Healthy breakfast with eggs, beans, bacons and fruits 

A lot of People are fixated on eating certain types of food in the breakfast. We will eat healthier if we don’t limit ourselves to the breakfasts our culture is accustomed to.

When I eat breakfast, like any other meals, I try to incorporate fruits and vegetables.

On the weekends, we can take slightly extra time to cook this breakfast.


  • Eggs (three or four eggs per adult)
  • Bacon strips
  • Already baked potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Garlic (if available)
  • Fruits


  • No salt needed at all.
  • Pepper (optional)

Cooking Instructions:

  • Heat up the skillet on medium-high heat. Put raw bacon on the skillet. Cook it until it is all nice and crispy. Make sure to turn the sides to avoid turning the strips into charcoals.
  • Heat up another skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil on the skillet, toss in the chopped garlic if you have it. Put in the green beans and stir-fry a little and add cubed baked potatoes in it and stir-fry green beans and potatoes until they are ready for you. I like green beans not to be overcooked. Today I think I overlooked this dish a little bit. To indulge our palate a bit, today I drizzled a bit of grease from the oil coming out of the bacon.
  • Put oil in a heated skillet and scramble eggs until it is done. You can add shredded cheese and melt it on top if you like

Do not add any salt on both egg  and vegetable dishes. Bacon is very salty, it will add flavor to other dishes.  Enjoy these dishes with fruits!

You can also add a nice piece of bread with butter or strawberry jam if you want more carbohydrates in your meal. This is a healthy breakfast as long as you don’t go nuts on the bacon strips. It won’t kill you if you just have two to three bacon strips and as long as you don’t eat them every day.

Simple but yummy and healthy!

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