The easiest way to cook a pasta dish with broccoli and baked parmesan chicken


It only took me about 20 minutes to make this dish. It is as delicious as the food you eat from your favorite Italian restaurant!


  • Pasta Roni package (see photo below)
  • Milk as required in the package
  • Butter (I recommend only use half of the butter required in the package)
  • Broccoli cut into pieces (put as much as you like it)
  • Carrots cut into pieces (put as much as you like it)
  • Mushrooms, cut into pieces if you have them.
  • Parmesan chicken pieces (prepared Package bought from the store Target)


Parmesan chicken:

    Bake the chicken according to the package, which only requires about 20 minutes.

Pasta with veggies:

  • While baking the chicken pieces, cook pasta according the package, except the following: use less butter and add vegetables two minutes after you put the noodles and seasoning package. Vegetables only take about three minutes to cook.

Life is hectic. You don’t always have time to prepare everything from scratch. Use some of the prepackaged food for quick meals, but you can still try to make them as healthy as possible by adding some veggies and fruits to your plate.

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