Garlic and honey—a powerful Combo to boost your immune system and reap many other health benefits

I bought a bunch of garlic and was afraid that they might go bad before I have a chance to consume them. I asked my mom if there is any way I can do to keep them from going bad. She said that both she and my older brother eat several raw garlic cloves every day to keep their cholesterol low and high blood pressure low.

I started to google about garlics to get more information about it. These are what I have found:

How to peel garlics:

Of course we can’t believe whatever we have found on the Internet. But it is common knowledge that both garlics and raw honey contain incredible elements good for our health.

So tonight I took up my mom’s advice to start chewing on the garlic cloves with food–I ate string cheese along with garlic clove, one after the other. I ended up eating three cloves of them with string cheese. I actually like the combo. I grew up on eating food cooked with garlics, and sometimes even add raw chopped garlic into a cooked dish. Maybe that is why I love the taste of raw garlic with food.

I got the idea from some of Youtube videos to mix garlic cloves with honey. Here is what I have made tonight:

I will eat a spoonful of garlic and honey daily to boost my immune system.

I know I will probably smell like garlic to eat raw garlic every day, but I think my health is more important than what other people think. Garlic smell does not bother me. If it bothers others, that’s too bad for them. All well…

Kimchi is a healthy food rich in probiotics and a Korean family I used to know ate kimchi every day and their house smelled like kimchi. I think they are smart to eat kimchi every day.

I am going to try to eat raw garlics and honey daily for a few days and see how it will affect me. Both garlic and honey are good for you eating separately; I can’t imagine eating them together will have any side effects on me–except having the aromatic garlic smell emanating from my mouth. Aromatic? No? disagree with me? Hey, I am not forcing anyone to kiss me, so it should be okay.

However, not everyone can handle raw garlics, some may even have uncomfortable gut reactions to raw garlics if their bodies are not used to them. People with certain special conditions should make sure it is okay for them to try by conducting further research or seeking adequate medical advice.

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