Green Salad with Beets and Cornmeal Breaded Chicken

By Ling-Ling Shih at Ling Ling Wellness Pages


  • Boiled Eggs
  • salad green (I used mostly beet green, spinach, bok Choy this time)
  • green pepper (shredded)
  • cucumber (sliced)
  • raw beets (peeled and cut into pieces)
  • baked chicken (using Quaker Corn Meal, Yellow. Baked Crispy Herb chicken recipe is on the container.  As usual, I modified the recipe according to what I have in the kitchen.)

These photos show you the process in making this dish:

Eat this salad with your favorite salad dressing!


Today I added beets and chicken to the green salad.  I want to make special mention of beets, since they are one of the healthiest food on earth. Beets do not only add beautiful color to your salad but also super nutritious. I never thought I would like it that much. But after doing some research, I realize how nutritious this food is. However, be careful when you peel them and slice them, because they can stain your clothes. I am not worried about getting my fingers or nails stained, since I have not had any problems washing the color off my hands.

Keep the leaves and stems for salad or for stir-fried vegetables. They made wonderful stir-fried vegetable dishes that goes with any main course. Simply stir-fry them with oil and chopped garlics, and add salt and pepper in the end. Just don’t over cook them.

Six Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Beets – Mercola

Beets–Nutritional Value



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