Healthy breakfast with millets, chia seeds, eggs, spinach and mushrooms



Chia seeds

2 eggs






Coconut oil

(In terms of the quantity of each ingredient, use your common sense. :))


How to cook the millet Chia seed porridge:

Very easy. Rinse some millets in the pot and add some chia seeds, then add a lot of water to make a porridge. You can cook it over the stove top or use the rice cooker to do it. I cooked it before doing some exercise.


Just crack two eggs and put them in the pan heat up with some coconut oil. Panfry both sides. Then add salt and pepper after it is done.

Spinach with mushrooms:

Put some coconut oil or other oil that can take high heat (not olive or vegetable oil). After the pan is hot, add the mushroom and stir a little. Then add garlic and Spinach. When the vegetable is still vibrantly green, turn off the heat. Add salt and pepper. (To conserve the nutritional value, I cook garlic a bit later in the stirring process.)

Eat the porridge with eggs and this vegetable dish. Your body will thank you. It is delicious too!

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