Epsom Salt and its benefits

I bought this epsom salt from Costco very cheaply and use it to soak my feet. I used about a cup of epsom salt and mixed it with enough tolerable hot water to soak my feet.

After soaking for about 35 minutes, I used epsom salt to rub my rough foot spots to exfoliate my tough skin on my feet. Use an exfoliating tool to rub off the tough layer of dead skin.

After soaking and exfoliating, rinse your feet with clean water.

Now it is a good time to cut your toe nails, since they are nice and soft after a nice soak.

Now my feet is feeling refreshed and smooth!

Don’t forget to put lotion to moisturize your dried feet. I have never given my feet such a royal treatment.

This is a great treatment for tired, sore, itchy, smelly and rough feet.

There are other natural alternatives: baking soda, Apple vinegar cider, and vinegar.





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