A light meal—A stir-fried veggie meal with whole grain porridge

If you want something light, eat a vegetarian meal. I feel great after eating this meal.

Brown rice porridge with sweet potatoes: Just cook brown rice and sweet potatoes with a lot of water, first bringing into a boil and simmer it until it looks like a porridge!

As said before, you can eat very healthy by just stir frying a bunch of veggies with garlic and eat it with protein-rich and vitamin-rich whole grains. Kale, broccoli, spinach, Chinese cabbage, or bok choy all tastes great by simply being stir-fried each item with chopped garlic and add a bit of salt and pepper. Chinese cabbage tastes great simply by being stir-fried with shredded ginger and add a bit of salt and pepper at the end of cooking this dish. It also tastes great with salted peanuts along with the main staple such as cooked brown rice or other whole grain. I like to eat it with nice soft watery porridge which consists of brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Stir-fry into a healthy eating diet! I never have to diet. You just need to make sure whatever you put into your mouth is healthy and you don’t overeat. And exercise regularly!

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