Cook a healthy omelette for breakfast

It is easy to come up with a healthy and tasty omelette for breakfast.


-one yellow and red pepper





-yellow and green squash

-garlic—two or three cloves

(I forgot the last two items.)

-two or three eggs

-one or two cooked bacons


-stir-fry vegetables with cooking oil and garlic.

Just heat up at least one spoon of oil. After it is heated, toss in chopped garlic, a few seconds later, toss in the cut vegetables. Sprinkle a bit of pepper and salt on cooked veggies.

-Take out the cooked veggies.

Cook eggs and heat up cooked bacon.

-Put a little bit of oil. When heated, crack open the eggs and pan-fry them on the pan. At the same time heat up bacons.

Serve the them all together with fresh avocado and fruits, and drink.

This will provide the nourishment for your day.

I like to eat this for a Sunday brunch.

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