Noodle soup with dumplings and lots of veggies

Get a pot of water boiling (enough to have two big bowls)

The trick for cooking this noodle soup meal is to determine which ingredient to put into the boiling water first. I guess this is the same with cooking many other dishes that have ingredients that require different cooking time.

Thin udon noodle takes about 3 to 5 minutes to cook. (If you are using Italian noodles that require longer time to cook, then you may want to cook them in a separate pot of water and then drain it when it is cooked and added to the broth before serving).

Ginger can be put into the pot right at the beginning when you boil the water.

White small pieces of raddish and carrots (as seen in the photo) take about 3 minutes to cook.

Frozen cooked dumplings takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook.

Mushroom takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

Cilantro and green onion can be put into the noodle soup last after the pot is ready to serve.

Lastly add the salt (or Lawry’s seasoned salt), pepper, and a bit of sesame oil.

Just stir them a bit after you put each ingredient in according to the time needed to be cooked.

Viola! You will have delicious noodle soup enough to serve two big bowls!


You can get dumplings from Trader Joe, Costco, or Asian Market.

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