Healthy Porridge with Adenanthera pavoninal, wheat germ rice and tapioca Pearls

You can eat this for breakfast or as a snack. I eat it for my dinner tonight. Very tasty and nutritious.

Rinse the red beans and wheat germ rice to make sure they are clean.

Put them in a slow cooker. Add water. Cook it for 4 1/2 to 5 hours or until the beans and rice are soft. The porridge will become very thick as the beans and rice soak up a lot of water. (I recommend to put five cups pf water if you have a larger slow cooker).

Boil tapioca pearls in a pot of water over the stove (put enough water that can be mixed with the beans and rice and make the porridge as thin as seen in the photo below) Boil the tapioca pearl for 5 minutes. Add the cooked beans and rice into tapioca pot and mix them well. It should look like what you see in the photo. If it is too thick, your can add more water into it and.

Serve it in a bowl and add honey to your taste.

The next day you will find the the porridge may get too thick and the ingredients absorb all the water. You can add some milk into it and microwave it and add some honey to your taste.

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