Healthy Breakfast: How I come up with healthy breakfast

The typical Danny’s continental breakfast is not healthy but it is so much part of our food tradition in the West. When it is not good for us, we need to rethink and create a new tradition for ourselves.

I always have a picture in my mind what I want for my breakfast. It usually consists of this combination:

  • Protein: pan-fried or boiled Eggs, sausages, ham, or a combo of these.
  • Some carbohydrates: baked or pan-fried potatoes or sweet potatoes or porridge or cooked rice
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

Just slice the sweet potatoes and pan fry both sides of (sweet) potatoes with oil. No need for adding any salt for eggs and no need for any seasoning for sweet potatoes. I did add a bit of salt and pepper on the spinach. I also sprinkle pepper on the eggs. To prepare for vegetable dish, just stir fry vegetables with oil and chopped garlic. Anyone can prepare a simple meal like this.


Chinese people often eat rice porridge with egg dish and vegetables dishes for their breakfast. Add some sweet potato cubes and rice together with water and boil and then simmer for about 30 min. Make sure to put enough water to cook a pot of the rice porridge. You can use white rice or brown rice. I like to use brown rice because it is healthier.

Stir-fry mushroom, red pepper, yellow pepper, Russell sprouts and and add ham if you like, and stir-fry as usual with garlic and oil and toward the end add some turmeric, pepper and salt. You can eat this with porridge or cooked rice.

Another dish I ate with rice porridge:

If you don’t like porridge, you can eat this with cooked rice. In the following eggs, I added some chopped green onions in it and mix it with a bit of salt before you pour it onto the pan.

I ate the following meal with brown rice and some flavored peanuts.

See other posts for how to make home-made pancakes.

I think the trick to come up with any tasty, nutritious balanced meal is to make sure you include enough fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains in your meal. Don’t wait until you are full to eat fruits. It should be part of a meal. Don’t cook with frozen vegetables. They taste awful and will not help you develop a liking for vegetables.

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