Healthy Snack: Home-Made Popcorn

Popcorns can be easily made at home by microwave or over the stove top. I wonder why people want to buy them in store.

You can easily use a small handful of dry corns to pop a big bowl!

So much cheaper and so much healthier than the ones you can buy from the store!

You can melt butter on a tiny pan and control how much you want to add to the popcorn. You can also control the amount of salt. It takes only 3 minutes to pop them in the microwave.

If you keep in mind how cheap and how easy to make popcorn and how much control over the content you put into your mouth, you will not want to spend any money buying the ready-made popcorns from the store. Plus, you help reducing the waste of packaging by consuming less package food.

For microwaving, It is better to get the glass popcorn bowl rather than a plastic one.

Even though I don’t necessarily like the idea of preparing food in the microwave, I love making my popcorns this way because how easy it is. I am also convinced that it would be much better than manufactured popcorns made with hydrogenated oil and other preservatives that’s bad for health.

If we watch all the little things we waste money on, we can invest any penny and any dollar we save. While you are eating all the popcorns and potato chips you bought from the store, think about the lost opportunity you could do with that accumulated money you can save over time.

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