Why go out to eat when you have a credit card debt?

Have you eaten out a lot? If you are like me, trying to save money to help pay off my daughter’s student debts (or you have other debts to pay off), the best way to save is by eating in and limiting the amount of times eating out.

I personally find stir-frying the quickest way to come up with a healthy meal. I must be biased. I am Chinese and Chinese loves to stir fry. You know why most Chinese stay thin? Because they stir fry a lot and eat a lot of vegetables in their main meals.

For the following dish—I have used left-over chicken from Boston market and simply stir-fried it with cut mushroom and green lettuce. You can use other veggies as well. Just add chopped garlic into heated oil and add all the ingredients and stir fry. When it is about done, sprinkle salt and pepper into the pan. It is as simple as it can be!

If you have cooked rice or porridge (this time I have Millet with sweet potatoes which I stewed in slow wok for about 2 to 3 hrs earlier), you can prepare a healthy stir-fried meal in less than 10 to 15 minutes.


I feel so good that I can save money by eating in as much as possible. Prioritizing my spending has become very important to me. I want money to work for me, not against me. The money I save can be used to pay down debts or invest and generate more money. I am long done with the era paying high credit card interests. I will let others pay me interests instead!

Start stir-frying more and eat out less. You will realize it is quite easy to come up with a tasty, healthy meal. The money you save can go towards a saving goal—a car, down payment for a house,  travel, meaningful funds, etc.






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