Omelette with Vegetables and Sausages

By Ling-Ling Shih at Ling Ling Wellness Pages


Omelette with Vegetables and Sausages



Note: This dish actually does NOT need to add any salt. Salt is in sausage and shredded cheese already.

Preparation & Cooking Processes:

The process I used to cook these Sausages:

p.s. Add sage to sausage (optional).

The process to cook the stir-fried veggies:

The Process I used to cook scrambled eggs:

(Recommended: mix some milk and scramble it with eggs in the bowl. (I forgot to add it this time.  It actually makes omelette taste fluffier.)

Note: I usually have two pans going. One for veggies and one for eggs and cook them simultaneously. That way you have scrambled eggs and vegetables cooked and ready at the same time.  Just make sure to adjust the heat to make sure both dishes are not burned.  I love my vegetables undercooked a bit, so if I have to reheat later, it won’t get too soggy.  Vegetables should remain in their original vibrant color. When the colors change to dull colors, that means you overcook them. Same with eggs. Don’t overcook them. Once no liquid, transfer scrambled eggs to a dish pan.

Last step: 1) Add cheese on eggs first 2) add cooked vegetables, 3) then add sausage. Sprinkle ground pepper on top, if you like.

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