You can pack a healthy lunch without any cooking

Things good to have for packing a healthy lunch without any cooking:

* a cooler

* fake ice

* healthy dry fruits

* nuts

* fresh fruits

* fresh veggies (celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber, avocado, etc)

* string cheeses, cheese cubes

* yogurt/ go-gurt

* deli meat / easily openable tuna can

* whole-grain bread

I pack all the dry food in the cooler and leave the cooler on my kitchen counter the night before. And the next day I take all the perishable, which I prepared the night before, out of the refrigerator and pack them into the cooler with two fake ice packs the next day.

Here is what I have prepared for tomorrow’s lunch:

Fake ices I keep in the refrigerator and use them to keep my lunch cool and fresh
I pack the dry food into the cooler and leave the cooler on the counter. And prepare and leave the perishable in the refrigerador and pack them into the cooler the next day.

Avocado is very nutritious. You can easily add them to your lunch. Just use a plastic knife and cut it in half and scoop and eat.

Banana and Orange can be packed easily and be eaten with your lunch without any cutting.

Boiled eggs can be easily prepared with little hassle. Just boil many of them and you can pack one or two of them into your lunch bag.

A little forethought and a bit of preparation will help you save a lot of money and prepare healthy lunches!!

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