Do something nice for the Environment: Use a clothes rack

This post is nothing to do with cooking but I thought it promotes energy saving, which is good for the environment we live in. Everyone should do everything we can to make this planet more livable.

For years I have tried to use a clothes rack to hang dry laundry as much as possible. If it won’t fit all the clean laundry, then I use hangers to dry shirts and long pants on the bathroom curtain rack.

The benefits of drying clothes this way are three folds:

1) It reduces your energy bill;

2) It is good for the environment;

3) It keeps clothes in nice shape longer than drying it with a dryer.

Find a corner and hang dry your washed laundry on a clothes rack. You can also use some hangers to hang up some clothes on a bathroom shower curtain rack. It only takes five to ten minutes to hang them up.

As Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Likewise, with the environment, we can all do small things to make a positive influence on the planet we live in.

Imagine if everyone in the world does this, how much energy will we save? People in less technologically advanced countries and regions still dry their clothes by hanging their clothes up. I hope more people around the world will try to conserve energy by using their dryer as sparingly as possible. Each time it may not seem like you are saving much energy, but over time it does add up!

I live in a small place, but I still manage to find a little corner to air dry my clothes.


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