Beijing Rejuvenating Exercises 北京回春医疗法

This exercise consists of sixty different exercise movements. Each movement is repeated 32 times or 16 times one direction and 16 times another direction. It lasts about an hour. This video demonstrates two sessions of the same exercise, one with music & one without music. You can use the latter part (without sound) to exercise while listening to your own music or news.

(A simplified version: 30 minutes)

This Chinese exercise–Beijing Huichun Yiliao Fa  (北京回春医疗法) (which can be translated as “Beijing Rejuvenating and Therapeutic Exercise”) –is very popular among Chinese. I discovered this exercise when I saw a group of Singaporeans exercising in the park, and asked if I could join them.  Ever since then, I became a practitioner and advocate of this exercise.  I introduced this exercise to my family and friends. My mother has practiced it daily since 2008!  She is 84 now and still going strong and practicing it daily.

I don’t do this exercise every day, but I have tried to include it into my fitness program two or three times a week, along with other exercises,  such as weight lifting, aerobic exercises, and other outdoor activities (hiking, jogging, walking).

The following links include graphic images of each step. Once you know how to do each movement. You can use these graphic images to guide you in your exercise, while listening to news or music.

Other Exercises videos I also like to do:

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