I made this healthy meal in less than 20 min.

I got the quinoa brown rice package from Costco. Just cook it with a bit of cooking oil or coconut oil. Taste really good and eat it with stir-fried green beans and Brussels sprouts cooked with garlic and oil).

Egg patties: Use about one cup of the egg white liquid mixed with salt and pepper and dry parsley to make four Patties. You can use a pie maker or use small cups and steam them in the wok filled some water. Uo

You can get this egg white liquid from Costco.

You can eat simply and not compromise on the taste and at the same time get the nutrients that are nourishing to your body.

Add some fruits to make your meal visually appealing and also make it healthier.

The precooked quinoa and brown rice packages are good in stock. It makes coming up with a healthy meal easy. You can buy them from costco too.

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