Ginger, lemon and honey drink


1. Grate the ginger. And put into a big glass or a water jar. Then add boiling water into it.

2. Then add sliced lemon and add raw honey to your taste. If you like it hot, then you can add the lemon and honey right away. But I sometimes wait for the water to be less hot before I put lemons and honey to prevent the heat from destroying the good vitamin C and other nutirents in lemon and honey.  However, I do prefer to drink it hot though and sometimes I just go ahead and put in lemon and honey right away without waiting for the water to cool down.

You will like the taste! Chinese use ginger drink as a cold remedy. Sometimes they boil ginger in water for a good 20 minutes and then just add brown sugar or honey.

However I think it would be a much better remedy to add lemon in it. Vitamin C will boost your immune system and fight off the cold!

It is a tonic. You can drink it anytime. I love to make a big jar in the morning.  If I can’t finish it I put it in the refrigerator or bottle it up and bring it to work.

By the way, we don’t usually drink the pulp. My water jar has a filter lid that stops the pulp from being poured into the cup. If you don’t have the filter to prevent it from going into your cup, no big deal. You can still just drink it. Occasionally imbibing the grated ginger into your system, it won’t kill you! It is actually probably good for you!

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