Cucumber salad

By Ling-Ling Shih at Ling Ling Wellness Pages


  1. Cucumber (Roughly four times as much as carrots)
  2. carrots (2 medium-size ) (shredded)
  3. small red and yellow peppers (7-8 of them)
  4. mungbean noodles (soaked in hot water for 30 min and cut into small sections)
  5. garlics (chopped) about three table spoons


  1. Cucumber 

2. Carrots: Related image   

3. Mungbean noodles:
Image result for mung bean noodles
Image result for mung bean noodles
4. Shredded red and yellow peppers
5. Chopped garlic:


  1. Sesame oil (about 2 tbspns)
  2. Olive oil (about 2 tbspns)
  3. Chili Paste (You can get this in any Asian store)
  4. Chili garlic sauce (about one spoon-optional)
  5. salt to your taste
  6. a small amount of sugar
  7. Vinegar (try 2-4 tbspns)
  8. soy sauce (optional)

Mix all the ingredients and seasonings together. It’s delicious!

Remember: You can modify my recipe. You do not need to strictly follow my recipe. If you don’t have certain ingredients, you can modify and improvise. This is not a rocket science. In terms of quantity for ingredients or seasoning, precision is not that important.  Modify the quantity,  according to your own preference. For the seasoning, it is always better to put less quantity and increase the amount (such as salt) gradually until it tastes right. Try not to overdo the seasoning, or the original flavor will be overpowered by the seasoning. Try to eat light; you will eventually like to eat with little seasoning.






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