Taiwanese Sesame Chicken 台湾麻油鸡

img_4804-2Taiwanese Sesame Chicken is a popular chicken soup among Taiwanese. It is best eaten during the cold seasons. I love to add vegetables to this soup and also add noodles to make it a complete meal. This dish is quite easy to make. 


  • Two to three chicken drumsticks or 1/2 chicken chopped to pieces
  • Ginger
  • 3 table spoons of Sesame oil
  • 1/2 bottle or 1 bottle of rice wine
  • Some water
  • Vegetables: you can use mushrooms, cabbages, leaks, cauliflower (optional)
  • Noodles (optional)
  • Salt

(Use a lot of ginger. The more chicken you put, the more ginger you should use.)


Slash a few lines into the chicken as seen in the 1st photo above. Make sure to do both sides of chicken. 

You can buy this rice wine at an Asian store.


You can slice or shred or chop ginger. Put the ginger into a wok or pot.
Add three tablespoons of sesame oil into the pan and stir-fry the ginger over medium low heat. Keep stirring at least for 5 min.

Put the chicken into the pot. Turn up the heat to medium high. To prevent ginger from being burned, keep placing ginger bits on top of the chicken as you stir-fry the chicken pieces.

Keep stir-frying the chicken and keep moving ginger on top of chicken until chicken pieces are slightly browned and turned colored all around.
Add 1/2 bottle or 1 bottle of rice wine into the pot. Don’t worry. Most alcohol will dissipate after the soup simmers for a while. The longer it simmers, the less alcohol remains in the soup.
Add water until it is about 1 1/2  inches above the chicken.
Cover the pot and turn on the heat to medium high. Once boil, simmer for at least 1/2 hr. But if you have time, simmer it longer for two to three hours. If you simmer longer, you might need to add more water into the pot because water will dissipate while simmering.
Remove the white foam from the soup.


Add vegetables after simmering chicken broth for 1/2 hr (2-3 hrs if you have the time).
Stir the vegetables in the pot for three min. Add salt. Ready to serve with the cooked noodles.
In another pot cook the noodles according to the package. This picture contains a bowl of cooked noodles which I later poured the chicken soup over.
Add the chicken soup into the noodle bowl and serve! (Do not put the noodles into the chicken soup pot, because it will soak up the broth if it is left on the pot too long. I put noodles in the bowl and chicken soup together right before I eat.)

It tastes much better if you simmer chicken for at least 2 hrs.

It tastes so good. No wonder it is so popular among Taiwanese people! Nothing warms you inside as much as a good bowl of sesame chicken!

Chinese feed this dish to women during the month after their childbirth to nourish them back to good health, because it is considered a tonic food. Anyone can eat this dish to strengthen their health.

If you feel cold all the time or feel feeble, try this dish!

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